UPVC Replace, Renew or Repair

Repairing over Replacing

So you want to revamp your home and it’s kerbside appeal, what better way to keep the costs down than to repair instead of replacing?

Read on to find out more about how we can help you get a complete new look, without needing too many new parts or products.

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UPVC Respraying and Repair

How sexy do these new matt grey UPVC windows look popping up everywhere? Well we will let you in to a little secret, these cost way less thatn you would think!

Our windows team do not need to replace all of your windows and doors (unless of course the UPVC windows, hinges etc are damaged), we literally sand down the UPVC window frames (so that the paint will bind to it) and respray them with the colour match paint to go with our specialised guttering and fascias

So there is no need to have Everest or some other window company in to have a complete set of new windows and doors fitted (or the price!). And if you do have some sealed units that need replacing or the odd window or two, we can do that for you too. 

Why choose repair, respray over replacement:

  • Cost (far cheaper)
  • The finished look
  • Envy of neighbours
  • Kerbside appeal
  • Improves windows lifetime
  • Replace broken sealed units (saves on energy)
  • The list is endless…

Have a look at the pictures showing just a few of the window related job we have done, then send us a message and I’m sure we can help you out or at the least we can advise you correctly.

All of our quotes, advice and estimates are free and you are not obligated to go with us.

We look forward to speaking to you soon!

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